Our Services

Product management

Service designed for non-live or credit insurance companies. Finance Engineering covers main actuarial and risk-underwriting functions in order to manage claim ratio. We will agree on planned sales volume (typically the same as before) and claim ratio for particular product. Our pricing is based on success fee!


Insurance reporting

Service designed for insurance companies. Finance Engineering undertakes to ensure standard reporting on agreed scope and frequency. We will upload customer’s data into our reporting engines. Final sets of reports prepared will be provided periodically afterwards.


Actuary Services

Finance Engineering can help to deal with tasks (which are typically dedicated to actuary or risk underwriting / risk management departments in finance sector companies):


Business analysis systems

Main function of reporting systems (sub-systems) is access to necessary information.

There are different ways to prepare and / or access information, e.g.: simple reports, ad-hoc reports, dashboard portals (monitoring of KPI – Key Performance Indicators).



Damagedauto.eu. Service designed for insurance companies, which deals with Casco or MTPL products. Finance Engineering can help to optimize claim, by estimating price of damaged vehicle through internet auction.

More information you will find in www.damagedauto.eu