BI Insurance


Advanced insurance businesses know the importance and the benefits of having Business Intelligence - powerful reporting and analysis - system. Combining both management and technological concepts:

  • CPM (Corporate Performance Management)
  • ABC (Activity Based Costing)
  • MIS (Management Information System)
  • BI (Business Intelligence)
  • DWH (Data Warehousing)
  • Ad-hoc reporting (enables non IT users to create reports by themselves operating with predefined list of indicators and slices)

Finance Engineering BI Insurance offers full package of reporting, analytical and decision support functions for nowadays insurance company. The system is able to prepare actual reports on time and with minimum human time spending as well as to ensure rapid introduction of new reports.

We would like to point our main competitive advantages:

  • Finance Engineering has clear know-how on business value extraction from BI Insurance. System is designed to provide decision support for daily insurance management functions, which we are implementing into business together with the system.
  • Finance Engineering BI experts are able to ensure right quality reporting even in very complex technologically and time stressed situations. BI Insurance has modern and powerful data & query processing engines implemented.

Key benefits of BI Insurance:

  • Background for product profitability analysis
  • Assistance with budget execution and costs control
  • Decision support on sales and claims handling management
  • Standard reporting for shareholders and supervisory institutions
  • Background for development of customer loyalty programs






BI Insurance offers the following (mid level management functions oriented) modules:


Profitability module

Combining data from various sources: premiums, claims, claim reserves, administrative costs, as well as reinsurance figures Profitability module offers highly powerful analysis of profitability result split by:


Sales module

BI Insurance Sales module is powerful tool to get in specific sales channels issues and find measured solutions for management actions.


Claims module

Effective claim handling process is a straight forward way to customers’ satisfaction as well as possibility to minimize handling costs, that’s why module keeps in focus claims process analysis. BI Insurance Claims module additionally to analytical claim handling process support offers framework for claim activity monitoring as well as standard reports for reserving (claim triangulation and reserve run-off analysis) and for reinsurers, supervisory institutions (loss, risk profile).


Finance module

Finance module provides the extended functions and deeper access to financial figures comparing with the functions offered by standard General Ledger systems.